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i just discovered this great website where you can create your own mix and match of clothes, create your own fashion and be your own trend setter!
I will be posting regularly my own sets so i can share them with you and probably inspire you..Ladies, enjoy!



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what kind of tree?

Xmas is at the door my friends, what do you think of having a new kind of tree this year?

a cubist modern tree?

a murano glass tree for the fashionistas?

a recycled tree for the go green ones?

a modern urbanistic one?

or... a yummy yummy one?


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make belief..

Today i was at my cousin’s place,who has 2 kids,5 and 7, and we were just sitting talking about this and that when little Sara came over and handed me an old cell phone of her mom’s, and she said: “look it does not work but i play with it”. So i took the phone from her and acted like i was talking to santa! Her big brown eyes just opened  up wide with surprise, she took the phone from me and continued the conversation with more drama and zest than i would have ever done!!

Then her mother entered the game, then her brother..We were all enjoying this moment of magic when you forget everything, let go of your imagination and open up to fantasy world!

Why is it we find cute a child that talks into a toyphone and when an adult does that, we label him crazy!! Do crazy people have a more childish side to them than a mature one?

I think the key is to know where makebelief stops and when reality begins, then you can enjoy both!

little Sara's xmas tree

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texting madness

Have you ever had a child that spent more time texting than actually talking?

Well i have one of those, and its driving me crazy! My 14 year old sleeps with her phone, eats with it, goes to the bathroom with it, laughs with it..Its as if it became part of her body!

What about real conversation? what happened to this generation?And to top that, teens dont text in any comprehensible language, they have their own deformed, modified lingo..I remember when i was 14(way before cellphones!), i would pick up the receiver and wait for the line(tooooooooot) to be able to phone, immagine that!

Is this generation growing to becoming based on virtual chatting? Will they ever be able to communicate feelings, arguments, or have a simple chat by actually talking?

Their whole life (off course, because what do we know, us mothers!) is this little device; pictures, facebook, friends, bbm, whatsapp, twitter, flickr..and so on (bah, thats all i know!), it has become their life line, and without it they are lost, or worst..BORED!!!

People, we are loosing the battle to technology, what to do?

picture taken by my daughter of her friends!

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moss anyone?

Would you wear a garden on your fingers??( how do we water it, mmm?)

‘Growing Jewelry’ Icelandic Moss Rings

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sharing the goodies!
A great way to make kids happy is to decorate simple chocolate muffins with colorful details.. and let them help you, that is even more fun. Here is the recipe for my 10 minutes muffins..(makes 12 big or 24 medium).

My lovely,full of energy, smart, kind cousin and fellow blogger(she inspired me) is a fabulous cook and writer, check her blog and enjoy!..

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Lately i have seen many fashion illustrations, and that got me thinking of old magazines when fashion was viewed in such a different way than today!

The goal was the design, the colors, it was more of an art than an actual picture (i love photography dont get me wrong), but looking at these illustrations takes you back in time even though they are recent..          (illustration by aasharamdeen)

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