Last month i became 40..And i decided that its just a number not a state of mind:)…well surprise surprise, my mirror does not agree with me ! I dont know why, but since then everytime i look at the mirror i see more wrinkles, more saguiness…mmm, is it psycological or actual real aging?

People still get shocked when i tell them my age, i dont look 40 they say..So what does 40 look like? does it change from one generation to another? Are the 40 of this time and age better kept than the 40’s of our parents generation? Is it the way we dress, the way we comb, the way we act?

I meet sometimes young women in their twenties, and it hits me, oh my god they are half my age!!, i could easily be their mother since i have a 21 year old son…aaghghgh! But then again i love this saying “women are like wine, the older they get , the better they taste”..We are more mature, more experienced, we have lived more, loved more, laughed more, and of course cried more(bah, we are women after all), so my dear ladies my conclusion is our lines are our trophies, our path that led us to this very day..our lines define who we are , because even though we still feel young inside, those lines show the long way we’ve come!!

yours truly!


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