lebanon and its quirks

I came back to Lebanon for a visit, and as usual I end up spending lots of time with my cousin who is actually my best friend…one day, we were in her car , driving around the city, talking so much (as usual) that she took the wrong turn . She said we cant do a u turn, we have to go all the way in the traffic again, I looked at her and said: “you know , if the cop stops u just talk to him in English and say you don’t know the roads or something”(having lived there for most of my life I knew we could always find a way!), then we saw the car in front of us doing a u turn, I tell her:” see, we can do that”, she turns, and of course the cop runs over with his whistle and tells her:”sorry you cant do that, you have to go all the way and back”

My cousin:”but the guy just in front of me did a u turn!”

Cop:”maybe, but I didn’t see him”

Cousin:”but you know, Im lost, and I don’t know another way”

The cop smiles:”do you speak English or French?”

Both of us:” we speak all the languages!!”

Cop in English:”ok, ok, u can pass, welcome to Lebanon!”

Us laughing like crazy:” thank you , thank you..”

Lebanon is not on my favorite list these days, but faced with this encounter, I can only say: I love this country!!

Things are never going to change in lebanon, because the people cant change, it is ingrained in us to always find loop holes that work to our advantage! I dont say its a good thing, but lets face it, would any officer in any country do that??

via tania bounader


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