I always saw these beautiful women in heals driving around on their colorful vespas, and i thought, well that looks easy and fun! Well the fun part is right, the easy, mmm, takes lots of practice!

I think what my husband loves the most(after me, of course) is his vespa. If he could drive it in the snow he would! I never could understand why, till i began riding with him and wow! What a feeling!

I dont know why, but whenever you are on a vespa you feel like you are in italy or the south of france, its pure pleasure! And of course you can park it anywhere and not get a ticket( that’s very important since we seem to collect tickets left right and center!).

We take it out at the first sight of spring and use it till the first(or fifth, since we did use it under the rain) drop of rain. It’s simply amazing, the freedom, the feeling of being young again, the romance, i cant explain it but it just makes me feel happy!

p.s: being in lebanon at this time of year with this amazing weather compelled me to write about vespas..

Have a lovely day wherever you are…


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