Pink…or black?

Almost every woman who discovers she is expecting a baby girl, goes into a pink frenzy; the nursery, baby clothes, baby booties, bibs…The whole shabang.

Then the little girl grows a bit older and she wants everything from her pj’s, to her socks, to her favorite teddy bear, to her spoon…Pink.

An then this little girl grows into a teenager and goes into ” the black phase” ! No more pink mom!!!

I met this young woman recently, and she was decorating her nursery in, surprise surprise….black. Yes a black nursery, with black walls..

So this smart lady explained that she was doing everything backwards; starting with the black to end up with a cute little pink teenager!

That little encounter left me baffeled! I honestly didnt know what to say; great or bad idea?

We go gaga over cute little pink baby clothes, pink hair ribbons, pink shiny mary-janes…But black?

Maybe it works…Will let u know in 14 years!

This or........



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