Equal sharing

Arguments about the working woman have been popping up a lot lately around me, about how women and men still cant reach the platform of equality they are striving to have.

I have lived in the east and in the west, and in both parts of the world we still see families with the old ‘pyramid’ stucture, where the man is the main provider and decision maker, and the other kind of family, the modern equal family where both, man and woman share all the loads, from financial, to chores, to driving kids to ballet classes, to cooking…

We are still struggling to find the right formula that would please both egos, because lets face it, women still get weird looks when they say they are stay at home moms; from fellow women!

It’s very hard to implement this equality in the middle east, the culture, the tradition, the religion, they all play a big role in facing this wave. True enough, a big chunk of women are working these days, but are they ready to give up the reigns of the home over to the man? Is the man ready?

Many couples who consider themselves modern and open minded, say they share all the decisions , they have wall calendars where each one writes down his or her duty, schedule, chores…but is it really working? Does the man feel overwhelmed? Does the woman feel more manly?

Will the wife come home one day and tell her husband;” by the way, I invited 6 people for dinner tomorrow, what will you cook?”….Makes you wonder huh?

But, it exists, and it works perfectly .

So why do women still carry this stigma?

women equal to men?

or equal sharing?


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