Cyber life!

My husband and i live a very un-routine like life, he travels(he is in australia now mate!), i travel, we travel together, very rarely do we stay home for long (or together for that matter!). We talk on the phone, skype, bbm, whatever way we can, to stay in touch..

I cut my hair, he grows his beard (we show each each other on skype!), once i broke my femur and had to stay put in one place for 4 months, he saw me on clutches the first time via skype (that was weird)..

I cant say that i got used to it (sometimes i hate it), but if it wasnt for technology ,relationships would suffer believe me!

These days many people travel for a living, they suffer jet lag(had to remind my husband that he was in melbourne, and of course married to me!), get lost in time zones, please dont let me get into that (my morning, your afternoon…), and at the end of the day they sit in front of a screen and share their day (in different continents), their activities, their worries, and their love…

So my dears, wherever you are, cherish the moments you have with your loved one, laugh, love, because soon enough the plane will be leaving for another round!



*image via skype


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