Dont’t run!

I was out today doing some early Xmas shopping(i’m always rushing at the last minute), when i bumped into a group of teenage girls, not more than 13-14 years old; wearing make-up, heels, and handbags!!

Usually i am a pretty cool mom, but seeing these girls today made me wonder at the changes we are living, with our children..

Gone are the days of the ponytails and braids( i actually can’t even imagine my daughter in braids!). We are looking at a generation that dresses like their mother, uses cell phones more than a pen…and wears heels!!

I still can’t believe what i saw; i wore my first heels at 18, and they were pretty low comparing to today’s heels.

When did the line get crossed? Why is it allowed for kids their age to walk out the door dressed as a 20 year old? I can’t see any difference anymore between those two ages, there is no more gap, no more slowly growing up and slowly getting into our older sister’s shoes..Now it’s, move over, i’m here, i exist!

I don’t want this for my daughter, i want her to glide slowly and smoothly into womanhood, while experiencing each step accordingly.

Why get onto an express train to adulthood?? Enjoy your converses, your clean beautiful skin..Your time will come girls!



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4 responses to “Dont’t run!

  1. one of the problems i think is that girls want to be women and women want to be girls (again)!… why can’t we be happy with our own age?

  2. Because we always want what we don’t have!

  3. lina

    i think your right and everything but dont forget you have a perfect daughter, she’s 18 and still doesnt wear a handbag or puts makeup … 😛

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