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I read an article yesterday that made me want to share with you my opinion; where did all the good manners disappear?

My brother and i were brought up by an italian mother who was a stickler for etiquette: dont make a sound when you drink your tea (or soup), sit up right, say please and thank you, stand up for elderly people, close your legs while sitting(girls), let women walk through ahead of you(boys)..and so on..Its was so ingrained in us that i unconsciously applied the same principles to my kids, and whenever we encountered someone who didn’t have our manners, he would be labeled as a”paysa”, my mother’s dialect for a bad mannered person!

I for one, love when i meet young people with good manners, who sit at your dinner table and not make you wish you could just make them disappear..

My mother always talks about how times have changed, and how “etiquette breech” is the norm; nowadays it’s refreshing to see someone who lives by your “rules”, too bad it doesn’t happen much. You can’t be rude to people because it goes against everything you stand up for!, so you just sigh and move on to the next encounter.

I like good “old fashioned manners”, old being the key word here, because these days everything is about technology, fast information, texting(people break up this way!), and there is no room left for human etiquette in our life!

All i ask is to go back a little to our roots, send a thank you note from time to time, show respect, turn up on time….Surely you will smile more and have a better day!



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4 responses to “manners manners

  1. I have raised all 5 of my children with the manners & etiquette that you were raised with, but now that they are older, not all of them have chosen to embrace these social graces. I often joke (not) and ask, “where did I go wrong?”

  2. You haven’t gone wrong at all, be glad that some of them do embrace those graces! My younger kids are still small, so they might surprise me too!We do what we can, but at the end, they are out there in the world finding their own way i guess.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. There seems to be a lack of manners and empathy right now in the world. Two things which definitely need correcting! Your blog is really lovely, it’s been a pleasure to read some of your posts..Rachaelxx

    • Thank you so much for passing by and reading my posts!, Your blog is lovely as well, and i have been reading it for a while now:)..It’s great to be able to spread your thoughts,no?..

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