A day in our lives..

Since the weather has been awful; windy, rainy, and cold , we were stuck for most of the weekend at home, playing board games! We began with chess, my 10 year old son has been teaching me to play chess, and to tell you the truth, i would rather use the board as decoration than actually playing the game!(there are beautiful sets out there, marble, malachite, silver..). So after chess, we played a round of “Risk”, and then my youngest brought his little soldiers and wanted to play WAR..Well that just did it!(no more, i’m taking a shower!), time out, go play some video games! Yes, yes, i know, not very educational, but please…Playing WAR! As if there is not enough misery in this world!

His last suggestion: “mom let’s play football”

Huh? Where? In the living room??

So i decided to take my 2 youngest to the movies(eldest son with girlfriend, duh! and the eldest daughter with friends, double duh!). We saw NARNIA 3D, it’s my first 3D movie and let me tell you, what an experience! I loved it, and of course i cried at the end, and my son:”please dry your face before the lights come out!”

I finished the evening with a lovely bottle of wine, some italian cheese, and the best….Family..

And how was your weekend?


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