Family, family

Some of you have the luxury of living next to your family, while others live across the ocean from their loved ones for many reasons, work, marriage, personal reasons..

But xmas is generally the only holiday that reunites families around the world; we work, plan, book for this holiday so that we spend a week with the people who love us regardless of character, health, wealth, beauty or other…our family.

I always stress on family because life taught me that nothing compares to it. We might want to run away from it at some point in our life (18 maybe?), we might want to hide our shortcomings from them, even sometimes we might just want to deny their existence!

But come xmas, we are all there with bells ringing, hugging, fighting, eating, sharing…that is the beauty of xmas, we all go back to our roots, and find a little piece of childhood beneath the family tree..

Xmas for me is tradition, the gathering of loved ones, putting up the tree with your children, the lights, the smells of your past and hopefully the future of next generations..

So jump in and enjoy the holidays with your family! (and be patient..,being zen would help too)


My mother's xmas tradition, orange and cloves, the smell brings back memories..


And what are your families xmas traditions?


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