The other day i went “perfume smelling”, i call it that because i wanted to try different perfumes before settling on the one that was really ME.

So i entered the department store(which already smelled like a thousand perfumes passed through the mixer!), and began spritzing here and there( you know, on those small cartons), and 15 minutes later my nostrils just couldn’t take it anymore and begged foe mercy! I had a full-blown headache, a purse full of smelling cartons, and still no idea of what i wanted!

How do you choose a scent that would become yours forever? The first thing that struck me when i met my husband again after 20 years(long story), was that he smelled exactly as he did when he was 16!? Wow!

I love the fact that a scent can remind you of someone , or a moment, that a scent can be unique to one person..

Throughout the years i switched from one perfume to another, and none lasted more than a year; so many choices we have, and every season hundreds of new products..It’s just too much. Now i want my own scent, my own and unique smell that can’t be found in a department store!

Scents stick to the mind and become memories…That’s what i want, so my dears, no more department stores, i’m off hunting my very own special scent..And when i do, you will be the first to know!(hopefully it will come in a vintage bottle?)

Do you have a unique scent that is all yours?




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2 responses to “Scents..

  1. I already have! It was like 10 years ago. For the first time I smelled perfume Donna Karan Woman and it’s became my favorite. Then some after there was a new one Donna Karan Be Delicious and the last one I’m using still. It’a something amazing! Try it!
    All the best to you! Have a good day!

  2. so you’re one of the lucky ones to have found your unique smell! thanx i will try it 🙂

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