Our differences, our luck..

When you ask a person where he is from , and he answers you “i come from the world” , do you consider that an answer?

I know he means by it that he is the product of living in different places, absorbing different cultures, different traditions and religions.

I come from two different cultures and two different religions; am i european or arab? Am i Moslem or christian? I grew up with both worlds, both so ingrained in me that at one point in my teens i went through a loss of identity, didn’t know what i was anymore!

Now i realize how lucky i am to have had both. We are more tolerant, less set in our ways, more accepting of differences, less patriotic (in my case at least)!

I see it in the way i brought up my children, i see it in the way i believe that all religions are set on the same basis, in the way we are different from others brought up in one culture; my father and his two brothers married european women, italian(my mom), Danish and swedish (you can only imagine our conversations! ). My cousins and i are all different but we have one thing in common, the ability to adapt..

We encounter lots of people in our lives, we learn from them, they learn from us, we share cultures..and that’s the beauty of being one with the world, or as that person put it “i come from the world”.

But of course we also meet lots of closed-minded people ( i have had my share of those, and sadly they are all Lebanese) that are so set in their ways, they cannot see beyond what they were taught, beyond their traditions, and beyond their book of right and wrong. At the beginning i was shocked at this, shocked at finding out that people i knew for years were so unflinching in their ways..but now i just feel sorry for them, because they are missing out on a beautiful world that is bigger and wider than their little life.

And so my dears, lets all learn to appreciate the beauty of our differences (the beauty of blogging!).

Do you think one day we can all say, we are from the world?


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