Many thanks!

This week i will be posting more or less sporadically, since the kids will be home from school, and our time together is so rare!

I just wanted to thank you all for your lovely comments, via email and blog…Starting this blog was very helpful for me, it gave me focus and serenity (one day i will post about my misfortunes and fortunes in life); as you all know, our everyday life has bumps, mountains to climb,ditches to get out of, little everyday bumps that shake our “perfect” little world. And we survive, move on, turn pages and start again (of course with a lot of crying, very important not to forget that!).

The blog lifted my spirits, you have to be positive and send out a positive vibes, since we are talking about beauty, art, fashion, interiors…all the pretty things that are the icing on this cake called life..

This blog is about sharing. Sharing opinions, views, sharing the loveliness of the world we live in.

Thank you again from all my heart, my readers, my husband, my kids, my parents..

I wish you all Happy Holidays and the merriest of times this week!  xoxo



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One response to “Many thanks!

  1. you are welcome bella!!!
    how about sharing other peoples comments, always interesting to read…keep writing and blogging…

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