Food for the soul…Yes, we all know what that means, but what about food for our bodies? What about good yummy holiday food? Yesss…

One thing we know for sure is how bad we eat during the holidays, all our good intentions just fly off the roof! (i’m not going to give you tips on better eating habits, relax!), i’m the first one to over indulge on the goodies! I used to be very careful with what i ate, never more than one portion, no desserts, no creamy food, always careful about my weight..And you know what? I missed out on so much!! So many good things out there, so many different tastes, sweet, sour and everything in between! Life is too short not to try everything, not to enjoy and feel the textures, the spices, the chocolate, mmm…

So take it easy and dig in, most of us gain weight during this season( so what, we only live once!), half the joy of the holidays is the food!

Savor every bite, enjoy every drink, indulge in the endless parade of desserts..Sooner than we think we are all going back to our everyday meals!

So don’t stress, and most of all don’t feel guilty (our black dress will still fit the next day), enjoy, and thank  God you can eat all this good food!

i like that!



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2 responses to “Food..guilt?

  1. Amen to that!!! the black dress will be tighter, but hey, all these Christmas cookies are soooooo delicious!!!

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