Electronic madness!

Children wait all year-long for xmas ; it’s the only time they can ask for that special gift they were longing for all those months..We aim to please, since we are parents, but when it comes to teenagers, they are very hard to satisfy (psp,cellphone, nintendo, ipod and so on). Why can’t they wish for better grades?! (yeah right!). Electronics have taken the place of regular toys, and kids are not excited with the train anymore!

I can see the difference between my 21-year-old and my 10-year-old: with an 11 year gap, the birth of a cyber generation! They play on the net, surf and browse better than you and me; when i get a new electrical device, i have to read the manual to understand the semantics (and that’s if i understand!), while they just click click click and voila! They are in business! So how do we expect them to enjoy playing blocks?!

When i tell my kids about the gifts i used to get at their age, they laugh and say “oh, but that was so longtime ago!”. Mmmm, well not THAT long time ago! Life has evolved so quickly these last 20 years, that for them, even the thought of a time without cellphones is incomprehensible..

I wish this generation read more books (real books), played more educational or board games, went outside and played more with nature’s gifts (twigs,mud, branches, stones..), then i realised that all this generation is “i” prone (iphone,ipad,ipod,i,i,i,!!), not only my teenagers, but all teenagers around the world! Their imagination is being fed by the net not by books.

Times have changed, and i think we have to evolve with it and stop comparing our youth with the youth of today…

Do you have kids that aren’t electronic mad? And what do your kids want for xmas this year?



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2 responses to “Electronic madness!

  1. wait till he is a teenager! aaaahhhhh!!

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