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Fabulous staircase! The mix of wood and steel in a Tribeca loft..Beautiful design!

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Style monday

I had a sequin top that i never wore (i’m not a sparkly kind of person), but these days we can wear sequins day or night, with shorts, chinos…whatever your style is. So i will just take it out from the back of my closet and give it a try!




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A new day..

A new day, a new week, almost a new month! January has seen floods, revolutions, riots ..What a start for the new year.. I just hope the coming months will bring us better news and some kind of peace to those in need of it..

The good news for mere humans like us that can’t change the big issues of the world, is that today is another day, a day to hope, to forgive, to get inspired, to help, to smile, to love, to get another chance, to make someone happy, even if it’s yourself! We are alive, so let’s make the best out of it!!

Have a great week people! xo

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Sunday quote

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Some loveliness..

A small corner of peace..isn’t it lovely?

Still feeling under the weather, feeling like i have cotton candy in my head (all mushy mushy)! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and do what you have to do!(like myself, have to go back to bed!) xo

And of course some flowers for you to enjoy!


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Rooms of the week

Entry ways or hallways are our first impression of a house and its owner..It’s what we see when we first come home, where we dump our keys, letters, handbags, shoes..Some of them are artsy, sparse, country looking, industrial, classic…so many choices to have! Here are some of my favorites..




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Why i heart blogging

What is it about blogging that you love the most?

-Putting yourself out there in cyber world and promoting your business?

-Connecting with others, and finding common ground with new people?

-Sharing your inspirations and discussing them?

-Or just for the love of blogging no matter how many visitors you get?

I began reading blogs almost 2 years ago when  i was stuck in bed for 4 months with a broken femur, and my laptop became my only window to the world…I stumbled upon a blog, then another and another, and i became hooked..i read design blogs, personal blogs, spiritual blogs, mother and children blogs..I found that each and every blog gave me an idea about its creator, it gives you an inner glimpse of that person, and you feel connected in a way, because at the end of the day, no matter where we are or where we come from, we all have one thing in common, we are women, and that alone is an inspiration..(sorry guys, just talking about women bloggers here!).

I started blogging 2 months ago, just for the fun of it, and i love it! Can’t hide the fact that the first time i got a comment it was like “whoaaaa, someone actually read my blog!!”, or when someone i don’t know subscribes to it, that’s even a bigger “whoaaaaa!”.

So to answer my question (and i hope you do too), i blog because i love discovering new things and sharing them, i love the way it makes me feel, regardless if people visit once or come back again (i admit it’s an amazing bonus if they do!). Blogging inspires me and pushes me into becoming more attuned to what’s happening in the world, it makes me realise that i still have a lot to learn (yeah even though i’m 40!), and most importantly it keeps me from dwelling and sinking into my own grief and loss, like the fact that i miss my kids and i can’t see them whenever i want (i lost custody of my children to my ex husband, that’s the way it is in the arab world..something to talk about later)..So for me it’s kind of therapy too :)..

So, my lovely ladies, that’s blogging for me! Waiting to read your answers on the subject! xo



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