Why don’t you?

Why don’t you change something in your life?

We all agree that change is good for us, in some degrees, that from time to time we have to go beyond the ordinary to feel extraordinary! And for that to happen, some little changes in our daily routine is a must; change is like a breath of fresh air, it boosts us up and rejuvenate us.

Why don’t you try….painting? I always sucked at drawing, ever since i was a child. And even later when i had to draw something for the kids, it always came out so weird that at the end they stopped asking for my help! I was very good at stenciling though! (don’t need to be a genius for that).

So last year i decided to take painting courses 101. And comparing to the other students, i was way below zero believe me! But i still attended, did my homework, we had to hang our assignments on the wall each time, so the teacher could comment…mine always stood out because they were so amateurish comparing to the others! You should have seen my portrait assignment, oh my god!!

At the end of the 4 months course, i knew for sure i would never be a painter, but i loved it! I loved painting abstracts (no one knows what the hell you are painting anyway!), and i loved the process, the mixing of colors, the 3-4 hours of deep concentration, the total blankness of your mind (great therapy!), and the end result, which in my case was always a surprise, because i start with something in my mind and end up with something else completely!

Everyone should try painting once in their life, it brings back the child in you (remember art classes when you used to play with paint?), it gives you motivation to see the end result, it sparkles your imagination, and best of all, its fun! So take a shot at it, you might be the next Picasso!

Here are some of my “paintings”, don’t be too hard on me!



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  1. hmm… you make me want to start painting again.. yalla, let this year be action year!!!

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