Everybody is talking about decluttering, simplifying their life from objects and things. What do we really need to be satisfied? A house, a car, a new tv? Or is it that what we need most is more spiritual, peace in our hearts to reach a higher serenity?

Everyone is needing, wishing, envying…I know my kids always need, want…(till they reach a point where they wish!) like everybody else, i call it a never-ending circle of want!

This picture caught my eye because it explains exactly how we view our life; we need little to survive, luxe is at the top because most of us might never reach it ! Envy….well that depends on each person’s character , and WISH..well we all wish, every single one of us wishes for something, from the materialistic to the spiritual..

I know i can’t live without many things, my books, my laptop, my candles, my pictures…and the list goes on (not at all ready to declutter!), i think i may have to find a middle ground, where need and wish join…What about you?



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