Me, she , and her

Finally i’m back online! Had some internet trouble (yeah, we got those in this country!)..I realised today that we are so addicted to internet in our daily lives that we feel lost without it! Even my poor husband got hit by some of my frustration!

So here is yesterday’s post!

Are you an angel?

“Thank you, you’re an angel”, “you’re an angel in disguise”, “you cook like an angel”…We’ve all heard these expressions before, but are we really?

i know for a fact that all mothers are angels; their patience, their strength, their advice, their persistence, their selflessness, their belief in their children, their kindness and their big heart. That’s “angel work” to me…My mother used to tell me when i was young, that we all have an angel perched on our shoulder, to guide us and keep us from doing anything wrong (what about teens? where are their angels mmm?, maybe they’ve got teen angels too lol!). But actually she was the one guiding me and preparing me for life….So yes, i do believe that all women have the “angel gene” in them. Rejoice my lovely ladies, in your womanhood, not only can we wear heels, but wings too!



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2 responses to “Me, she , and her

  1. wings & heels!! I love it!! bravo.. that was a really nice one.. to share with other mothers…

  2. LGJ

    How true…… only mothers can do all that

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