Style Monday

How a simple pair of cotton trousers can be versatile and fun to wear!








Which one is your favorite?



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4 responses to “Style Monday

  1. i love the first one!! the green bag is so funky! will get inspired by this outfit tomorrow!

  2. i loved the green too, so fresh!

  3. I don’t like any of the ensembles as they are and would probably mix and match elements from each to create my own. The green would look dreadful with my complexion but I adore the striped top. And those little flats! The jewelry in the second is delicious but wouldn’t go with the first pieces so I’d have to wait for another day to wear those. The scarf and jacket in the third, again not together with the above or even with one another but great. Not the heels though. I don’t wear heels anymore.

    But I mix and match my own wardrobe so much that people tend to think they’ve never seen me wearing things before only to have me say, “This old thing? Why I’ve had it for ages!”

  4. That’s the beauty of being unique and having your own style, each person will find the perfect combination to suit his/her style 🙂

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