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Wonderful two-toned flowers!! Have you ever seen anything like that?



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Color: orange

Orange has never been a favorite color of mine, it never attracted me really. I think the only orange item i ever owned was a tunique i got from Denmark when i was 16! But then a year ago, my husband comes back from a trip with a gift….An orange bag!! ORANGE BAG. imagine my face!

But, it grew on me! And now i wear it a lot, when i’m in black, white, gray…you know, neutrals!

As for home decoration, i never thought of orange, unless it was flowers! Until i saw these rooms…

See what i mean? What do you think about putting some orange in your home?





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Hair inspiration..

I always had a problem with my hair. I have straight hair , and i’m not the kind that styles my hair everyday (to the horror of my mother, who until now tells me that there are a thousand ways to comb my hair!), i have 3 styles; up, as in a ponytail, down, or i use a clip to hold half of my hair up!

I tried perming my hair (which was a disaster), changing the color (all the existing colors except blue ,green and orange!), cutting them so short you wouldn’t know  i was a boy or a girl..And then went back to the same style i’m most comfortable with, which is mid length with long bangs( something like Jacklyn Smith in Charlie’s Angels!).

But my problem is not everyday styling, it’s the more formal styling, weddings, parties etc..Everytime i go the hairdresser, i end up coming home, washing my hair, styling it as usual and going out!

I found these beautiful hairdo’s while browsing, and i think that they would work great for any event and any kind of hair..

What do you think? Aren’t these up do’s just perfect?



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Style monday

Hello monday! The rain didn’t stop yet since friday, i wonder how the british do it!? I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and are ready for a new week! Today’s item is a buckle jacket you can wear with almost anything.


with a dress..






and pants..



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Sunday quote

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Rain,rain, and more rain!

After having 2 days of amazing sunny weather, here we go again on another round of nonstop rain for the weekend! I know we are lucky in this part of the world, so i shouldn’t complain, what about you guys in the north of the globe, it must be still cold and snowy!!

Keep calm, spring is coming very soooooon…

Light some candles, put on some music…

As for me, i will go get my Chanel surf and heels, and go surfing under the rain lol!! Have a great weekend my friends, enjoy the cold, the sun, the rain, in which ever part of the world you are…xo

*images,aladysfinding,my daughter’s,pinterest

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Photo of the day

I love the colors in this picture, the way you could feel a sand storm approaching, the brightly covered girls huddling in a circle, the silver anklets…another world.


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