Being nice..

I don’t know if the life we’re leading is pushing away the niceness in people, but there seems to be a lack of it everywhere!

When i moved to Montreal, the first thing i noticed was how nice everybody is, and so polite! (well coming from a country where people shout at you because you do actually stop at the red light, you can imagine how amazed i was!).

This is what i noticed, people are living in such a fast paced life, stressed, worried, that they are forgetting the meaning of being nice, they are forgetting to teach their children to be nice (more and more kids are bullies). Niceness has been relegated to the end of the list in their lives.

Being nice isn’t being stupid as some would say, being nice is making the people around you, the strangers you cross everyday, happier, more relaxed, less angry, and less stressed. It makes living in this world a better place.

Little random acts of niceness might change someone’s whole day, and if every one of us does that, it spreads around, and it might, just might change a whole lot!

Last week i lost my cellphone coming out of the car (yes it was on my lap, it happens!), and i got very upset, imagining someone finding it, reading my messages, checking my pictures(as my daughter pointed out “and of course you don’t have a password hmph..), i felt like my privacy was invaded. And i thought for sure whomever found it would sell it and that’s the end of it.

The morning after, my dad calls and tells me he has my phone! It seems the person who found it on the street entered the contact list, dialled “mom”, got my parents and told them he found this cell phone and if they would come and pick it up. WOW!

I couldn’t believe that nice people still existed! And that person really made my day!

So yes, it’s really nice to be nice…


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