To worry or not to worry!

This week hasn’t been a machine friendly week for me! I melted one heater (don’t ask, too stupid to even say how!), the other remaining two just died on me, and our two coffee machines stopped giving me my daily dose of caffeine! So i practically froze, and was jittery from my coffee need!.

I have italian blood, so you could imagine my hands acting on their own and my voice reaching the “alto” level while ranting on and on..

And in the midst of all this,my husband (my complete opposite, too calm for words!), is telling me to relax, take it easy, he will fix everything, smile, nothing major happened…hmph..Well, to be honest with you, that didn’t do it for me, but seeing him sitting there, not a care in the world, as if we weren’t freezing to death, was just too funny! I laughed and laughed, at myself, at him, at the situation.

I do tend to fly off the roof for meaningless things sometimes, and to top that, according to chinese astrology, i’m a dog, that means i’m a worrier too! I think keeping calm is an art by itself, you have to be in control of your emotions , not the other way around (like me!). For some, it comes easily, nothing rocks their boat, while for others(again like myself) the boat is in a rocking state all the time!

We have to discipline ourselves into taking it easy, because surely we are not being productive or helping by ranting and worrying! An as surely as my husband told me, the next day the heaters were fixed and i was very happily having my coffee..

The lesson i learned, that i hope i will apply, is not to let my emotions get the better of me, there is always a solution for everything, and when there isn’t, just let it go, because we will waste all our energy on negative thoughts instead of channeling it positive solutions..


and now going into my zen my mind that is!




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