Turning 18!

18 years ago like today, i was in a hospital bed and the nurses brought me this little perfect angel and told me: here is your daughter..You were perfect, perfect little nose, perfect round head, perfect everything..and i fell in love with you on the spot.

You grew up to be your own person, with a little of me in the mix (i had to say that!), your own beautiful personality, always shining and with a laugh that makes others happy! You grew up to become an artist, and as you know all artists are very sensitive to feelings and emotions…I look at you now, and i’m proud. Proud to be your mother, proud of you as a person.

You will always be my little girl, sorry to say that, but it’s true! No matter how old you become, you will always be the little girl who brought joy to my life, who brought love, affection, and of course hugs and kisses! Because you are the queen of hugs and kisses!

You are entering a new phase in your life, you are becoming an adult my sweet, and with that comes responsibility. Always remember to be true to yourself, never change for anyone, follow your dreams no matter what stands in your way, always look at the bright side of life, because life is beautiful, and we have only one life to live..

Enjoy being 18, it only happens once in your life! Happy birthday cara,I love you….

you will like this!

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  1. Happy Birthday Cara Lina….enjoy the world…it has a lot to offer for people like you…kisses

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