Moving on..

You know this feeling when some days you go back home, and you feel like this day has been a very fruitful one, where ideas and inspiration come rushing into your brain, and you get high on such excitement? Well today was one of these days for me, and it makes me feel alive and brimming with positive vibes!

I’m taking baby steps towards moving on, starting something new that is already making me feel more alive , motivated…and happy. This has been the moment i have been working so hard to get to, for the last 2 years.

Life changing ideas, how true! I’m ready now to take the plunge into something new, a whole new world of beauty and inspiration, this is a new step towards recovery i hope, and towards my inner balance..

I wish for everyone that goes through difficult times to reach that point of self-worth and motivation, it’s a lot of hard work , of pushing one self  till you reach the walls that were keeping you from jumping over,  climbing them and discovering that there really is something for you out there..



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