Color: orange

Orange has never been a favorite color of mine, it never attracted me really. I think the only orange item i ever owned was a tunique i got from Denmark when i was 16! But then a year ago, my husband comes back from a trip with a gift….An orange bag!! ORANGE BAG. imagine my face!

But, it grew on me! And now i wear it a lot, when i’m in black, white, gray…you know, neutrals!

As for home decoration, i never thought of orange, unless it was flowers! Until i saw these rooms…

See what i mean? What do you think about putting some orange in your home?






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4 responses to “Color: orange

  1. LGJ

    itsnt really a orange colour… it is more…. uuhhmmm how could I say…. more brick ( in italian vecchio mattone… more or less) but not definitly orange… if it was orange it wouldnt be so warm and nice 🙂

  2. Well vecchio mattone it is! And you are right, it is a warmer shade of orange , like a sun kissed color…apricot! Voila!!

  3. i love orange….had an orange (burnt orange) car, remember?? why didn’t you add a pic of your bag?? just curious!!!

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