Wednesday mix


Shades of purple…Long time ago it was my favorite color. Since then i moved on to other colors, but it still has a special place in my heart! What do you think of the color purple? Too girly, or it works in a more sober decor?

I think it works well both ways, it just depends on how you use it, with what , and what kind of fabric. Do you agree? Waiting for your comments lovely people!




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2 responses to “Wednesday mix

  1. Cindy Sue

    OHHHH, I love purple. I think that to use it in a dark deeper shade, almost black, would be great, you get the girly color and the darker shade is more masculine. I saw this done on a magazine cover just last year, they brought in a black lacquered furniture piece that help tie it together.

  2. You are right, maybe in a darker shade it would be more sober and less feminine…

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