Where are our rights?

As i posted before, it’s woman’s day today, and i have some issues to discuss. They are personal, as they might not relate to many of your lives in civilised countries,where you have other kind of issues to solve, but i would like to share them..

When i signed my divorce papers after 18 years of marriage (i was married in lebanon, so we have to follow the law in this country), i didn’t get anything, not even my old albums as a young girl, nor my grandmother’s heirloom, nor my aunt’s , nor my parent’s..He made me leave the house as i was, no toothbrush, no nothing. Later he sent me my clothes in garbage bags. Why? Because i asked for the divorce, and because women have no rights.

I left with nothing after 18 years , had to depend on my parents to rent a house, furnish it again from the littlest spoon to a couch, to heating, to living. Why? Because women have no rights.

My kids were taken away from me , again because there is no law that stipulates that children should be with their mother.

Until now, four years after my divorce, i still can’t see my kids when i want, he decides when and where, how many hours, and of course on one condition, that my actual husband is not present. Why? because women have no rights.

I wouldn’t want my daughters to feel inferior to men, i don’t want my sons to feel superior to women, what i want, and what any woman wants is just equal justice , equal rights, to be able to negotiate, not just a simple “it’s the law” and that’s it!

Women still can’t pass on their nationality to their kids in this country! I hope , for my children’s sake and for all women that one day, with all our efforts, men and women united, we will be able to implement change and light will be seen at the end of the tunnel.


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  1. It is sad that while in Western civilizations, such practices seem abhorrent and something a bygone, that they do in fact still exist in alot of the world with the Middle East being the most visible example. The thing is that in cultures that are dominated by one sex generally fears the power that the other sex holds. Men are innately fearful of women because of the spirituality that most women possess. So to feel more powerful they ridicule and devalue that which frightens them. Not that equality exists anywhere, but that isn’t something I believe the world should strive for anyway. I think everyone should rewarded for their strengths not punished for their differences. But I digress, until the world in which you live views women differently, I’m not sure how it will change or even if it will. I wish you the best of luck. May peace be upon you.

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