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I know I never posted anything about food (except the canoli post, which I really craved at that time!), but I am, and will always be a food lover..My passion for food began early on in my life, I have a mother who is a gourmet cook by all means, she used to get cooking magazines from Italy every month and try new recipes. Everyday there was a different meal, and we used to try everything, and i mean everything, even if we didn’t like it, we had to eat it. She used to say she was sharpening our palate for the future!

The only times we weren’t happy with the food, was when she did some Lebanese meals,  so she began changing these recipes and adding her own touch to each plate, and we ended up having an italo-lebanese dish!

Growing up, I began tasting real Lebanese food at friends houses , food that we never tasted at home, and I  realized that we were missing on a lot of good stuff.

My mother was and still is (even though she says she retired from the kitchen!) an amazing cook, both in salty and sweet dishes..mmm when I remember her cakes and pies, I still salivate!

Fast forward a few years, and I find myself married and in the kitchen…I didn’t know how to boil an egg believe me! I used to sit in the kitchen while my mom cooked, but I never ever tried it, I used to eat and comment that’s all!

So I learned how to cook, fed my 4 kids and their friends , tried new recipes, I can say without modesty that I am a good cook, not an amazing one, but a good one!

But what im really good at is eating and enjoying food! Wherever I travel I try everything, i try the local dishes, small restaurants, big restaurants, everything..

And I can positively say that when I moved to Montreal, I was living in food heaven..I have never been in a place where the food wasn’t amazing, from breakfast, to brunch, to lunch, supper….Wow!!

Or in France where food is an art by itself, we even had some real flowers on our food in the south of france!

Or Italy, where real Italian food ( not the touristic pizza and pasta) takes you to another world..

Or Armenian food, Argentinian meat, and on and on…!

I am a food addict and im not stopping!

Some of my favorite dishes


Foie gras

Pasta with black truffles

Steak Tartare

French cheese

Creme brulee


I’m starting to get hungry just looking at these pictures! So tell me, what is your favorite kind of food? And are you a food lover too?

*pics via google






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  1. Maya Jisr

    NO! you’re killing me with the pasta with black truffles!!!! You should try the risotto with black truffles in Tartufo (ashrafieh) it’s….WOW…The love for food is another Jisr thing :p which is why i’m on an intense diet 😦 sniff

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