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When i used to live in Egypt, a friend of mine had rented an old apartment and started renovating it. She had a big living room with french doors at each end, one giving to a terrace, and the other to the dining room. She painted this whole room a deep red, except the ceiling and doors, which she kept white. At first , i was shocked, such a big space in red! It was overwhelming really, 4 big walls! With time it grew on me, but i wasn’t living there ,so i don’t know how it felt to live day in day out with so much redness!

What do you think? Would you prefer painting a whole room in such a strong color, or just one wall and enjoy the color in a more subtle way?



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  1. A friend of mine painted her bedroom walls a deep red except for one wall which she painted a golden yellow. The room was further decorated with dark wood furniture and drapes that were rich in tone and texture. The bedding was also in spice tones of saffron, orange, burgundy.

    The result was decadent and warm, soothing and also stimulating, like eating a curry dish. Because of the high ceilings and two windows at one end, the room felt surprisingly open although it was, in truth, narrow. I would never have considered painting such a narrow space with rich colors but the effect was undeniably perfect.

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