Thursday idea

Great idea for guest rooms or children’s room, or even your bedroom! Decals or a paint job, either way you can choose the color or the shape you want , and get an amazing effect! (and very budget friendly!).

We are always looking for new ways in shelving for our kid’s rooms, where they could put their cherished belongings or books. This is perfect for a boy’s room or a skateboard fan, I think you can even hang the bigger ones with the graffiti underneath, they would totally rock!




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2 responses to “Thursday idea

  1. My mother once hung shelves in my room using those brackets. To hide the brackets, however, she cut out flower shapes from felt and glued them onto the brackets to hide the structure elements. Now, of course, we have alternative things we could use to do this–foam shapes and such. Although flowers probably wouldn’t work in a boy’s room it’s easy enough to make a list of things that might. Then again, a boy’s room probably can handle the bare bones more gracefully than a girl’s room might.

    So for those who would love to hang shelves but hate the brackets dangling underneath, hiding them behind cloth (starched to a conforming stiffness perhaps?) or using felt or something else is a way to go.

  2. What a great idea this is, of course hiding the structures with something imaginative and in color maybe, woud give it even a more finished look. Thank you as always for your input! 🙂

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