Eat, drink, breathe politics

For those who are new here and don’t know about my background, i am half italian, half Lebanese. I grew up in Lebanon during the war…And i have a confession to make. I hate politics. That’s not strange you would say, but believe me in Lebanon it is strange!

I’m tired of hearing about politics, reading politics, seeing the news…Enough is enough! Blogs,tv, newspapers, radio, it’s unbelievable how much politics is part of one’s life here! Why do people get so excited? Do you see change? because i don’t.

People here live on politics, and for politics; that’s the major subject of discussion wherever you go, dinners, restaurants, supermarkets, doctors waiting area…brother and sister even fight on Facebook about politics! Do they truly have faith in their politicians?? Where did all this faith come from? Why don’t i have it?

When i was little, my mom used to make us stand and sing the national anthem every time it was on TV (imagine that! my italian mother!), she used to say that you have to respect your country’s flag. Mmmmm, well,…..It is very hard for me to believe in change in this country, the sad truth is that i don’t believe in the politics of this country. I might be naive, but i know one thing for sure, politics = lies. And since this country eats, drinks and breathes politics, we are living A BIG FAT LIE.

I know this country has made me stronger, but it has destroyed a part of me too, physically and emotionally. Are the scars so deep that i can’t find any deep connection to this land? Yes i have memories here (some i wish to forget), yes my family is here, but why can’t i feel this rush of excitement everyone has when they talk politics? Am i the only one that sees disappointment after disappointment? I mean come on!!!

Mind you , i’m only talking about politics here, not the country as a land….That’s another story.


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