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We have heard it many times, women think they are always right, but do you honestly believe it?

Do you believe we are better judges of character, we are better at directions, we always give the right advice, we are always right about our children, we are always right about dimensions, we are always right about real estate, jobs………? What do you think ladies?

I for one, know that i haven’t always been right, don’t take me wrong, i would have loved to be right, just because i always want to! I think it’s a generalisation that happened through the years, from generation to generation, coming down to us from former matriarchs that were so strong, everyone was maybe scared to tell them they weren’t right!!

I don’t think anyone is always right, because no one’s perfect, and no one knows everything (my mom would disagree with that!). So, give me your opinion, do you think women are always right?



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4 responses to “Your opinion

  1. I think women are often more in touch with emotions and think about how a change will affect people and things and analyse things more before jumping in or making a decision. I like to think we are right a lot of the time πŸ™‚

  2. LGJ

    I agree with vixer2010… and about what I told u that someone is always right…I still think so…mothers usually know everytings about theyr children…. at least I knew everything about u and your brother…. ( ehhhh
    dont u remember I could always find out your little secrets?) πŸ™‚

  3. Actually i am thinking that women can be right on a lot of things, they listen to their 6th sense and intuition, but sometimes they just LOOSE it .. Admit it Ladies… and this is where it is good to listen to men!!! they do have a way of seeing things in a sometimes more realistic way, a less emotional way (and we need that point of you too!! believe me!!!). So a mix of both would eventually lead to good and balanced decision, no???

  4. I agree with all of you lol! I would like to think too that we are right most of the time, but as Leila said they have some good points too( if you have the right man , lets not forget that!) πŸ™‚

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