Last week began with an earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan..Bodies are still being found in the rubbles, and the number of missing people is escalating. Nuclear radiation is still a threat. Arab countries are still fighting oppressive governments. Children are still dying in third world countries…Everyday news that put your life under a magnifying glass. You hear the Godawful news and become grateful for your own little, sometimes, stressful, sometimes painful, but GOOD life.

You listen to the news, and your first reaction is to help. How? You click to help donating, you click to “like” a page…click, click, click….And then back again to your own little life.

When i was a kid i used to wish that we had a TV channel with only good news. But sadly it doesn’t work this way; bad things are happening, and bad news are the news these days.

Wishing you a calm and non eventful weekend, hopefully filled with good news…xo


Let's light a candle for the lost souls...




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