High/Low cost rooms

Look closely at both pictures. Do you see a major difference? The style is the same, the furniture, accessories, rug, lamps, are almost identical right?

Wrong. Because the upper room cost 14,650 $, and the lower one 4,800$!!! Inspired by things you see, you can always get the same result (i honestly wouldn’t have known which room cost more!) at a lower cost, and be satisfied with the outcome, don’t you agree?

*via high/low styleathome.com




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4 responses to “High/Low cost rooms

  1. ok, i must admit that i am stunned over the price for the 1st pic.. what costs so much??? the carpet? the lamp? the chair??? Nice post!!!

  2. Exactly, its so easy to get the same look with much much less!!

  3. A great advert for shopping around. It’s so much more fun to get a really great bargain!

  4. Yes!! I love good bargains, the joy of finding a great bargain beats everything else ! You enjoy it and value it way more..

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