Thursday ideas

I never thought of arranging the books in my library by color! What a great idea that is! The effect is amazing, as if you are displaying an art piece..

Propping an old door on the wall as art. Imagine this room without the blue door…Totally different no?




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2 responses to “Thursday ideas

  1. Years ago a used bookstore did something like this, reorganizing the shelves by color. It was a temporary “exhibition” and many of the customers said that they discovered books they would have never thought to look for because of the new arrangement. I can see how that might happen because I know that I am prone to gravitate towards specific sections of the bookstores and if the shelves were no longer organized by genre and such, I’d likely discover something very surprising.

  2. That is so true, because even at home i always tend to arrange our books by genre, and we gravitate towards a certain topic, leaving out other books that might be worth re-discovering!

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