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Would you say these words to someone you meet the first time? I mean as an adult?

Because many people loose their openness and spontaneity with age. The more they grow up, the more reserved they become. The more cautious, and untrusting.

Someone once told me that life has a way of stealing your youth, not only physically, but moraly too. That life teaches us lessons, thus making us wary of people we meet for the first time. That as a child, we are open to everything, our mind works on its own, without reservations and control, therefore the lack of caution. That children won’t think that one day their friend is going to disappoint them. Adults do.

But these days we have blogs, twitter, facebook…Aren’t they a way of saying “hey, i like you” ? Is this virtual world a playground for adults, where they can make friendships without reservations?

What do you think? Your opinion dears, is very valued! So come on, let’s see where your thoughts can take us!




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2 responses to “Your opinion

  1. Yes. In fact, I have recently.

    I attended a workshop at a conference over a year ago. Recently, the woman who led the workshop came to town and we agreed to meet for brunch. I was not feeling my best and asked if she would mind coming to my home.

    About an hour into our visit I bluntly said, “I’m having a great time. You know, I realize we met a year ago and all but you never really know how well you’ll get along with someone until you see them removed from the everything else. I really like you.”

    Later I blurted out that she has a great laugh and smile.

    And I think I definitely qualify as an adult.

    I don’t, however, think my blog replaces my reaching out and really connecting with other people. It is not unlike the social calls made during Victorian times. Drop in, present your card, have a cup of tea, move along. That is not a relationship or deep connection with another person. I’d read this woman’s blog and she mine during the year between the workshop and our brunch. It was not until we sat across one another on a couch, not until I served her homemade Thai Coconut Soup, that I felt we were friends.

    I don’t think the touch of a keyboard will ever or could ever replace a hug. Not do I believe it should.

  2. I like what Satia wrote; she is right in the sense that nothing replaces human contact. However, my world has been still since i quit my job and concentrated on my kids’ upbringing, which gave me so little time to mingle and connect with other humans. Blogging, facebooking and so on has helped me stay connected with the outer world, has made me feel someway not alone, with my thoughts and days, have helped me through this. I like following people and commenting and the other way round is also so valuable to me. Of course a little of both is the ideal, but i would never exclude the virtual world from mine!

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