Chinoiserie love

The room that made me fall in love with chinoiserie wallpaper…Then yesterday i was watching a rerun of the movie BIRTH, and what do i see?

The picture doesn’t do the room justice, but it’s beautiful..Hence my search, and here are some of my favorites,

That child’s bedroom is to die for! A dream…

The much blogged about dressing room of Aerin Lauder with the amazing hand painted wallpaper.

One wall with gold chinoiserie, how gorgeous is that?

The chinoiserie designs are all from the 18th century, showing birds, flowers and branches. Some are hand painted (which would cost you a fortune for a room!), and others are printed.

They look amazing in bedrooms, dining rooms, dressing rooms, powder rooms …or a  kitchen like the one above! These wallpapers give an instant luxurious feel to any room.. My future dream dressing room will definitely be covered by chinoiserie. What do you think? Like it or love it?



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  1. Everything is just GoORGEOUS! I have always loved Chinese wallpaper, but can’t see where to use it in my home…

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