-One day: yes, one day i will have my ultra feminine dressing room with chinoiserie wallpaper and lovely curtains…a girl can dream right?!

-Can’t live without my glasses! I have had the yellow Cutler Gross for 2 years now, i used to alternate between lenses and glasses. But lately i noticed that i can’t read or punch a number on my cell while wearing lenses…yep, the age again my dears, so i got the black ones which are bifocals..It took me 2 weeks to get used to them, you get this weird feeling like you’re going to fall!!

-The view from my window: i love this tree…It’s not a palm tree, it’s a date tree (as in dates), i don’t know if they have another name, but the effect is the same, california dreaminnn…!

-Fun does not have an age: wow! Isn’t this picture just amazing!! It says it all!

-Beautiful beach in Byblos,Lebanon…We were there a couple of weeks ago , we watched the sunset , drank some rose, then some people lit a fire on the beach and sat for hours…You forget all your worries and enjoy the moment..

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2 responses to “Randomness..

  1. It is so funny . . . I was just thinking I might consider giving up my contact lenses for bifocals since my arms are too short for reading. (Isn’t it odd how your arms get shorter as you get older???)

    I forgot, having had bifocals ages ago, that they are difficult to get used to and they do make you feel like you’re falling. I have vertigo. I already feel like I’m falling all of the time. I don’t need my glasses to add to that. So thank you. Unintentionally you helped me make a decision.

    I’ll stick with my little reading glasses.

  2. Glad i was of help, even unintentionally :)…xo

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