Thursday idea

The TV is always the black monster in the room! We never know where to put it; over the mantel, next to the mantel, over a credenza, incorporated in a bookshelf…never ending questions..

Well this is a new idea! How cool is that?! I don’t know about wires and such, but it’s such an “out of the box” idea!! What do you think people? Would you go for it?



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One response to “Thursday idea

  1. Visually it is a cute idea. I even love it.

    Practically speaking, however, it is an invitation for an accident. We have two huskies and I can just see them rough-housing and knocking into the leg of one of the easels and the whole thing coming down like so many dominoes. And even if I didn’t have two big dogs, could I trust children in my home? What if I were to have a party and someone were to get clumsy?

    Nooooo . . . cute idea but I think it would leave me feeling too anxious.

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