Recycling…(new way!)

I remember when i first arrived to Montreal, i used to throw everything in the garbage; plastic, paper, glass….everything. And then one day my husband asks; how come our green bucket is always empty? Huh?? What green bucket? He gets up and shows me the recycling logo on the green bucket…Oooh…well, we don’t recycle in Lebanon…Of course, i learned how to recycle ( never had recycling 101!), and had always to remind myself at the last-minute, ooops! Bad, bad person, take that bottle out from the garbage bin!

Yesterday, i was walking around town, and this pick up truck passes in front of me..i couldn’t resist snapping a picture! This is recycling in this country; a person (that has nothing to do with a waste company or other) goes around picking up plastic containers (or anything plastic that is, like that chair!) from garbage on the street, piles them up in his truck and sells them to factories or other companies….So yes, we do recycle in a way!!



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