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I was at the airport once waiting to pick up my husband from a business trip, i was just sitting there looking around (you know it’s very interesting to watch people at airports, the emotions, anticipations…well i’m digressing now!)..So anyway, there was this old lady standing in front of me, with shoulder length gray hair, a wrinkled face (she must have been in her 70’s), waiting for someone, her kid i thought…

When suddenly an old man wearing a trench and a hat a la Bogart, approaches her, ¬†literally takes her in his arms and gives her the most passionate kiss i have ever seen…I think my jaw dropped for like 5 minutes, i couldn’t take my eyes off them…

That scene always makes me smile with longing, i want that when i’m 70 too!!

Does it really become better with age? And why?

What is the secret to a long and happy relationship? Respect? Understanding? Freedom? All of the above?

Does the sparkle really die with time, or does the sparkle rekindle itself over and over?



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  1. i guess respect of the other and not wanting to change him or her are clue aspects of a healthy and long relationship… and of course love… lots of it… and understanding of what they go through…. not nagging too much…and giving space to each other, space to grow and explore the world…
    so , yes, all of the above and a bit more…:)

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