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I stumbled upon this picture a couple of days ago, and it took me back in time…Two little girls, a blond and a brunette…Me and my cousin. We were inseparable when we were kids, we were born the same year, she from a Danish mother, me from an italian one. Already our ancestry brought us closer, the latin and the viking mixed with Lebanese genes made us different from our school peers. We were living in different towns, but when we were together, nothing could come between us. Funny enough we look like each other, till this day people think we are sisters (and the funniest comment recently was, oh that must be your european genes!! Huhh??!!).

In 1984, during the Lebanese war, my cousin left with her family to live in Denmark. During the next 2 years we spent a summer in Florence together and an unforgettable 2 months in her home town Copenhagen, where we had a summer job, (my first ever!), earned money and had a blast!

Then the years passed by, i got married, she stayed in Denmark, then traveled around, and decided to move back to Lebanon almost 10 years ago, where she met her lovely husband, got married and settled.

To cut the long story short, i still have the same feeling when we are together, we can do anything and everything! Both of us not having sisters brought us even closer, she was there for me when i needed her the most, and surprisingly since i moved to Canada i saw her more than before!!

This picture is so much like us it’s scary! We used to comb the same when we were little too!

Elephants are her good luck charm, may you always be as lucky as you are now…




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Inspiration: Bold, bold, and bold!

I have never been a bold person, not in colors and neither in caracter…I’m more of a behind the scenes kind of person, the one who operates in silence (then, bammm, i’m in your face!), usually in┬áblack, or nude, or white! But i’m married to a guy who is the complete opposite! He is the life of the party, the one who talks to strangers in planes, in waiting rooms, the one who loves colors…What are we doing together you might ask, well, we complete each other i guess, and his love of colors is rubbing on me, hence, the orange bag, the red lampshade, the multicolored scarf…(not the attitude though…).

So i’m learning to enjoy bold colors, and use them , in small touches, around me.







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La vie en rose, where everything is rosy and nice…Does it really exist, or it’s only a creation of our minds?…


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Style monday

Good morning everyone! Hope you had a great week-end and are ready for the last week of may…Two days left and we ‘re in june!! Days and months are just running by and we are already in the middle of the year! Did you apply some your new year’s resolutions? My daughter is graduating in less than a month and i still can’t believe it! (didn’t find a prom dress yet yikes!!)…Speaking of daughters, mine just got some shorts, and it inspired me to create a picnic wardrobe…





Which look is your favorite?…Have a great week dears, xo…

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Sunday quote

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It’s Friday!

The week end is here my dears, what are your plans these two days? We are going to check out an open air movie festival tonight, more apartment hunting for saturday, and hopefully will be spending sunday with my kids..Hope you all have a wonderful time, xo…



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White treasures

It’s no secret that i love everything for the house, from glasses to rugs to cushions to furniture…EVERYTHING! My husband always tells me that i would be happy changing house every 6 months! You know, the time you finish decorating one, you move to another one! There is always something to add in a house, don’t you think so? For me, it’s immersing myself in a project that is completely mine, where i could do and change anything i want! The hunt for an apartment is half the excitement, the other half is of course furnishing it, choosing the paint, setting the place up…I have an overload of files filled with ideas for a new place, we just have to find it now…

These are some of my finds last week ,

These two items were a supermarket find for less than 10 $ !!! Notice the butterflies…

And this beautiful tray, i found at ZARA home , great for the outdoors and so fresh for the summer! Do you like my white treasures?

Please excuse the quality of my pictures, photography is not my forte!

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