Happy friday!

The first week of May is already over, my, how time flies by! So many things happening in the world and in our lives…Take the time to enjoy the little things (some things may not come around again), enjoy the spring weather, appreciate beauty, forgive, laugh more and cry less, hug people who are close to you (we never know what might happen), tell your kids you love them even if you’re upset with them….And always be grateful for what you have, it’s always more than what you think…

If the weather permits, try having an alfresco dinner….

Or just cozy up in your bed and enjoy doing absolutely nothing…

Pamper yourself in a leisurely bath, some scented candles, and some music…

Or put on your glitziest dress and a have a night out of fun with friends…

Whatever you decide to do this week-end, don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers….Have a great week-end people! xo.




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2 responses to “Happy friday!

  1. I love your post and the pictures are wonderful. Did you take these?

    Happy Friday to you as well – enjoy a fantastic weekend!

  2. Thank you!! And no , sadly i’m not a photographer and never will be i guess lol! I just enjoy putting lovely pictures together and share them with you guys..

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