Inspiration: collections

We all have a collector’s instinct inside of us. It might be shoes, watches, little beaded purses, stones, plates, bottles, brushes….anything really that means something to each person.. And the best thing about collecting is displaying your treasures and enjoy looking at them..


white coral..

old boxes..

old shaving brushes..

blue and white vases..

colorful baskets..

glass bottles..

Do you collect? And what kind of collector are you?

Or you can collect dreams and read them 20 years later….




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5 responses to “Inspiration: collections

  1. Mette

    Just looove the idea of collecting dreams in a jar Rym…oh yes here I go again about the jars…lol
    Should try that with my kids…maybe to read them outloud once a year and see if they came true within a year or we will need to work on them a bit…lol
    …unless my 9 year old dreams of a fluffy pink unicorn she can ride on…! but on the other hand, that might be an occasion to talk about the difference between fantasy and dreaming!..he he

  2. What a lovely idea for the kids!! I have to try that too, i think we will be so surprised and amazed at their dreams! And you know what, we should try it too, never hurt to dream right?..:)

    • Mette

      yup ! you are right, we should do it too 🙂
      Maybe we would be surprised about what have dreamed of, accomplished or moved on from in a year?!?

  3. i say go for the dreams!!!! for the whole family! will start making this jar as of today!!! thank you for the lovely idea girls!

  4. beautiful photos with colorful baskets and such a great wall decoration idea
    you have nice blog, i am folowwing you

    thank you for sharing

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