Flying away!

When my eldest son was little he used to love bubble gum, the pink enormous one, the one that is bigger than your face! And i hated getting him this gum, but, you know, kids always find a way of getting what they want somehow, somewhere…At the end i came out with a story that made him stop eating that hideous gum….

Yes, i told him that his bubble will make him fly away from me and take him to faraway lands, into the unknown!!

And imagine my surprise when i discovered these two picture!! So other people actually had the same thought!



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  1. Joy

    So it must have worked with your son? 🙂 Cute story. I am debating letting my son start chewing. I guess it’s not that big of a deal but it’s messy and he’s only 4 so I am afraid it’s gonna make him choke. On the other side, a lot of gums today contain xylitol which is good for his teeth. As a mom I’m always looking for resources about health and came across this Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth ( Hope it can help you all or someone you know as well.

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