Inspiration: in laid bone

My grand-aunt had an old in laid bone chest that used to contain treasures! For us, as kids, they were treasures, these old pieces of colored fabrics, small crochet squares, old baby clothes, scarves….We used to open this chest and transform ourselves in pirates, princesses, kings and queens…As i grew up i saw a lot of other chests but none held so much magic..

I have a special liking for in laid furniture, i grew up in a country where almost each house has a piece of in laid bone..Now you can even find them in color!

The chest at my cousin’s house, beautiful isn’t it?

So people, what do you think? Do you like, like a lot, or not really?




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3 responses to “Inspiration: in laid bone

  1. i like decor of white bathroom and on the last photo

  2. Bianca

    Im trying to find a copper lamp shade like the one in the 2nd last photo. any idea where its from?

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