Wednesday mix

How lovely is it to be a woman?! I always crack for these girly pictures, so much feminine gorgeousness…Maybe because i have been having so much fun with girly time, talking about life, about kids, about love, grief, happiness, ambitions, and yes, men! I have been debating about forgiveness, or rather debating having people who hurt you back in your life….what do you think? Just close the book on a sad past, or give the people who hurt you the most another chance?




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2 responses to “Wednesday mix

  1. 1st and 3rd photos, bow and shorts are beautiful

  2. Mette

    A grudge only hurts the person carrying it around.
    We should not allow another person to cause you to carry that burden. Nobody is worth that!
    We can make ourselves ill mentally aswell as physically, while the other person many not even know how you feel or why….or care for that matter!
    Some people would welcome a second chance, and others might not welcome it at all.
    Should we try anyways? I think so, but protect yourself from further harm.
    Carrying around negative energy, affects the person attached to it.
    I do not think that carrying a grudge achieves anything in life, and specially nothing positive can come from that.
    Moving on is hard though, we need to deal with the feelings, to be able to put them on the shelf, and look at them from a distance.
    🙂 brace yourself 🙂

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