Favorite 5

I think i like the last one best, don’t you ?!…Well, up till now this week has been one hectic tornado for me! Between searching for a prom dress for my daughter (haven’t found the one yet, if it was up to me i found it already, but…hehehe, the miss in question has to totally go nuts over it to agree, and she is still sane…so the hunt must go on!), and looking for apartments , which is even harder than a dress! Location, square footage, view, no view, balcony, rooftop, ground floor, old building, new building….aaaah the options are endless! And i thought i would find the perfect place in two days!!

Definitely a glass of champagne is in order, celebrating the search!




Filed under home, life

2 responses to “Favorite 5

  1. love all of them… and the one for champagne!! must have this but for White wine!

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